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Improv(e) Your Life!
There is no script for life. You are improvising every minute of every day. You can't control what happens in organizations and as individuals. No matter how hard you plan, life is happening. Improvisation (or Improv) training is learning skills to respond to the unexpected:
  • Welcome the unknown and use it to your advantage (Keep the energy going until you get what you desire!)
  • React to life’s challenges and opportunities with courage (Learn listening skills to hear what life offers and build on it)
  • Rehearse how to be spontaneous in life (Have a thinking body and a dancing mind.)
  • Confidently express yourself in the moment (don’t wait until 3 am when you think of that perfect thing you wanted to say).
  • Be able to think on your feet (Be creative, innovative and agile—do something unexpected with the unexpected).

Imagine that you are 100% present in this moment, your attention is fully engaged, your creativity is completely available, and you feel invigorated, focused and courageous. That’s what Improving Your Life feels like!

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